Thursday, September 28, 2017

Do You Live in Malaysia. or Have You Lived in Malaysia and Decided to Leave?

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    Since I have not lived in Malaysia for about 3 years now I do not update this blog on a regular basis, even though I pay for and maintain the site.  I have friends, both expats and locals, who still live in Malaysia.  I also have friends who have left Malaysia to live someplace else.  My husband is Malaysian and now lives here with me, as this marriage would not be recognized in Malaysia.  I still read the news from Malaysia and I am kept up to date on the happenings there, either good or bad.  I can see that many things have changed in Malaysia. Some may say that the changes are not always for the good.

    Because I do not personally update my blog on a regular basis I have decided to open it up to guest blogging, at the behest of friends living there or from there.  If anyone, expat or not, who either lives there or who has moved away, would like to contribute their thoughts, feelings or experiences on living in or leaving Malaysia, I welcome you to write a guest post to be published here on the blog.  I only ask that it be honest and in good taste.  You can either contact me by email or leave a comment here.  I will simply take your article and post it under a separate post.  I would prefer you use your name instead of posting as anonymous.  You can include your photo if you wish.  I do not want any commercial posts, unless you are willing to pay for it.


  1. Great idea, Steve! As someone considering retirement in SE Asia, I greatly value the information you and others have so generously shared of your experiences abroad. It's been fascinating to learn some of the ins and outs of life in Malaysia from you, and I look forward to learning more during my three-month trip starting this December. I'll be in Malaysia toward the middle or end of January as I'm starting my trip in Chiang Mai, volunteering with elephants at a national park, before backpacking through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. The last month (Feb.) will be spent in Bali, should Mount Agung see fit to allow me to make my way there. If any expats or locals in those countries have insights to offer or would just like to share a beer or meal with a soon-to-be retiree from San Diego, please let me know. Hope this isn't an abuse of the site, Steve. If so, I completely understand you blocking my post. If not, there's a cold one in it for you, my friend. Best to you and Kevin!

  2. Thank you Steve.. for the info on your blog