Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant

Sometimes it seems that I enjoy the food so much at a restaurant that I forget to give it a mention here on the blog. This is the case for one of my favorite restaurants in Penang, called Vintage Bulgaria in Hillside. I go there with Kevin and our friends, Linda And Cheah, at least once a week.

One of the things I miss by living in Penang is good sausages, like breakfast sausages or Italian sausages, either sweet or hot. In the majority of times when you order a sausage you get a hot dog, and a very low quality and terrible tasting hot dog at that. I also hate going into an Italian restaurant and finding that the sausages are chicken sausages. So un-Italian! Other times when you order a sausage they are bland and completely lacking in any taste or flavor. Let's face it, it's the pork and the herbs and seasoning that make good sausages.

When I first visited Vintage Bulgaria I was excited by the variety of real pork sausages that were available, as well as the pork ribs. It would be difficult for me to choose one dish alone that I would call my favorite. There are 2 dishes that include both home made pork and beef sausages, the Traditional Sizzling Platter and the Bulgarian Sausage platter. I have had both of these a number of times and find them both to be superb, juicy and full of flavor. There are two ways to have barbecued pork ribs, the Crown Roast Pork and the Plovdiv Ribs, and they are both excellent. There is also a pork burger on the menu that is absolutely delicious for those who want a somewhat lighter meal. For those who may not want pork there is a Brazed Lamb Shank which I hear from Kevin is very good. I don't really care for lamb, but I take his word for it.

Vintage Bulgaria also offers a variety of pizza, with home made sausage, and pasta. The Baked Cheese Pasta is really good. And beside these European dishes there are local dishes including Thai Green Curry and spring rolls. One appetizer that is a must have is the Shopska salad. I always have this whenever I visit. I have even ordered it as my main meal when I was briefly on a diet. The salad is only 8RM, which is definitely the cheapest, but also the best salad in town.  The most difficult part of a visit here is trying to decide what to eat.

Beside the excellent food I find the Bulgarian wine to be some of the best I have tasted and I would strongly recommend the Pinot Noir. The service here is also excellent, with the owner and staff always eager to please you, the diner. I would highly recommend Vintage Bulgaria to anyone who would enjoy an evening of excellent, flavorful food and wine with a courteous wait staff in a cozy Eastern European setting. The best part of the night will be when you get the check and you see just how reasonable the prices are.
Bulgarian Sausage Platter

Brazed Lamb Shank

Traditional Sizzling Plate

Shopska Salad
Photos courtesy of Kevin Chan

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya

To all of my Muslim friends here in Malaysia and back home in the US, Selamet Hari Raya. I hope you celebrate in style and eat  until your heart is content.