Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Writing Retired in Malaysia and My Other Blogs

When I decided to retire and moved to Penang many friends asked me what I would do with all of my newly found time. I must admit that I didn't know the answer to that question. Once I moved here I really never became bored. I have my animals to care for and my blogs and writings.

My friend Kevin and I have 2 aquariums, 5 lizards, a cat and a prairie dog.  They all have to be fed, cleaned and cared for, but I will leave the details for another post. Shortly after I moved here I was looking for a way to both pass my time and perhaps make a little money at the same time. I discovered blogging. That is when I created Retired in Malaysia, to describe my move here and my experiences living here as an expat. I soon discovered that my life here is neither adventurous nor all that exciting. It is different though, at times. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to write about and sometimes writing can be very difficult.

I usually try to write this and my other blogs in the evening to make sure I can reach the most available readers I can. There are two factors that affect the writing of my blogs. One is, that at times the the temperature is hotter than hell and the humidity is unbearable. I have to say that I have been in Penang for almost 5 years and I still cannot get use to the heat and humidity. The second factor affecting my writing is that the internet connection is deplorable. I have tried about four ISPs and found that none of them are really any good. At first I thought the slowness of the connection was totally the fault of the ISP, but I later learned that it was the cheap and inferior wiring used in my condo complex. When I write a blog post I first write it, prepare to include photos, publish it and then promote it. This actually takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but with my terrible internet connection this can take up to 3 hours, if it is accomplished at all.

After starting Retired in Malaysia I found that I had a lot of things to say, which did not relate to my retirement here. I was particularly interested in politics and social issues back home in the US. I then started a blog called Steveso Thinks. Here I can rant and rave about the idiotic politicians back home and other issues dear to my heart. Be careful if you check it out. I tend to be quite liberal. As I said previously, I had hoped to make enough money for a cup of coffee or a beer through writing these blogs. That is why you see advertising on my blogs. When someone clicks on an ad I make a very small pittance. To be honest I do not make enough money to pay for the expenses of promoting them and having a private domain for them. I have to thank a couple of my readers who have made donations to help support my efforts. I just recently created a new blog about helping people decide on buying consumer electronics, where they can ask questions and actually order items from the site. My new blog, called Help Me Make Up My Mind, is only a couple of weeks old and has no followers, unfortunately. Hopefully I can make some money here to pay for the domain registration.

Sometimes I can spend many hours a day on writing and promoting my blogs and thinking about what to write. I have gone from wondering what to do with all of my spare time to wondering where all of the time went. I think as you get older time goes by faster and you accomplish less! I hope I haven't bored my readers, who may have been expecting an exotic post, with this rather mundane topic. Last year I wrote a post on a what a typical day is like for an expat living in Penang, so if you are interested you can read it here. Please continue reading my blog and consider reading my other blogs. I really do appreciate everyone's support.


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