Monday, April 1, 2013

Song River Food Court - Gurney Drive Penang

During the past over 4 years that I have lived in Penang I have eaten at the Song River Food Court many times. It was actually one of the first places I had eaten at when I first visited Penang. The other night while having dinner there I realized that I had never even mentioned it here on my blog.

When I first visited Penang I stayed at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel on Gurney Drive and was out walking one evening with Kevin, when I had the urge for chicken wings, which are my favorite snack. Buffalo chicken wings are my all time favorite, but they are rare here, so I have to settle for barbecue wings. When I first ate the barbecued chicken wings at Song river I fell in love with them. Besides wings the stall also offers thighs, legs and "the part that went over the fence last" or "the bishop's nose". I have been going back there periodically to eat since I moved here and thoroughly enjoy it each time I go. I always order the chicken wings and I also order the mantis prawn every time I go. Everything I have tried at Song River is just as good as the wings, so I would feel comfortable in recommending all of the dishes to anyone who cares to visit there. There is one stall that is quite famous there and that is the grilled fish stall. The problem is that it is not open on a regular basis and when it is open, it is opens later, but the grilled fish is great.

I think most expats who live in Penang view the eateries on Gurney Drive as tourist traps, but Song River is far from a typical tourist eating spot. There are definitely tourists who go there, but the majority of the customers are local. If you want the best chicken wings on the island, Song River Food Court is a must do.

Otak otak, chicken feet and char kway teow

Mantis prawn

The kids

Kevin's sisters.
Chicken satay.

Chicken wings.

The chicken wing man.

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