Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter


I was in Cold Storage a few days ago and noticed the price of Easter candy. One would need to take out a bank loan to afford to buy the candies, which back home would cost a few dollars. I was discussing the prices with a woman from Australia who decided there would be no Easter baskets for her kids this year. I didn't see any Easter hams either, but anyway I hope everyone has a very happy Easter.


  1. I find I get really out of touch with traditional Western festivals here, not that I actually used to 'celebrate' them much when I was still in the West. I always find things like Easter creep up on me, even pass me by unnoticed here.

    I do find the cost of some imported foods outrageously high, even given the shipping costs. A classic for me is traditional 'Mince Pies', popular Western Christmas sweet pies. RM 40 for 6 here v RM 5 for 6 in the West and, often, 'buy one get one free'.

    I'll buy a bar of Cadbury's and pretend it's egg shaped!

  2. Have you noticed that Cadbury's chocolates don't taste the same as they do back home? If you buy the ones made in Singapore they do, but not the ones made in Malaysia. I also find the same for other foods, like mayo - too much sugar added for Malaysia.

    1. Yah, the chocolate is a bit different but not so different as it is when you buy it in the Middle East where it bears no resemblance to the UK (and original) version, so I don't mind putting up with it :)