Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finally the Rains Have Arrived

For the past few weeks I have not posted anything on this blog for basically two reasons, neither of which I had any control over. It seems that since Chinese New Year the gates of hell opened up allowing extreme heat and humidity to overtake Penang. The heat and humidity has been oppressive. The temperature have been in the 90's and the humidity in the upper 60's and 70's.  Just sitting and watching television caused you to sweat and often after taking a shower to cool of you were covered in sweat again. It seemed that both the heat and humidity steadily increased during the day and reached its peak in the evenings.

For me going to the gym was quite a chore, even though it was only a five minute walk to the gym. There was no movement of air and the haze added to the poor quality of air. Things were no better in the gym as they didn't bother turning any fans on for air circulation. Most people with breathing problems were adversely effected by the weather causing shortness of breath and other illnesses. Just about everyone I knew, including myself, came down with some sort of flu, some with respiratory symptoms only and others with both respiratory and gastro-intestinal symptoms. I had very little energy or ambition to sit down and write.

I will admit that at one time I did start to write a post, but my Internet was so slow that it was just about non existent. I have two Internet services available to me. One is ours, which is we pay for and the other is a neighbors. We both share each other's Internet services via a wireless network. Neither of these services have been at their best for the past month. We have tried every ISP available to us in Penang and have found all of them to be substandard. I believe the problem is not with the providers, but with condo I live in. I have been told that the wiring for phone and Internet services is cheap and outdated, which effects the quality of the Internet. When I published my last post on Retired in Malaysia, it took me almost 2 hours to write, publish, and submit my post due to the slowness of the Internet.

About an hour ago the skies darkened and a thunderstorm
brought welcome heavy rain and cooler temperatures to Penang. The temperature has dropped and the haze and humidity have disappeared leaving a cloudy pleasant afternoon. Hopefully, as happens many times here, the sun will not come out and dry up the rain leaving a virtual steam bath. Now that Mother Nature has taken care of the terrible weather, I only hope that a miracle will occur and bring me fiber optic Internet service!

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