Monday, January 7, 2013

The Start of a Long and Annoying Few Years

There is a small plot of vacant land, in front of Tanjung Park Condominium and across from Island Plaza, which for quite some time had been planned as the site of a new shopping center and luxury condominium towers. I noticed yesterday that the land is now started to be cleared for construction.

Part of this vacant plot of land was home to several species of lizards, birds and other small animals. There was also a very large monitor lizard living there, which occasionally wandered around the sidewalk and drains.I even wrote an article on monitor lizard, which at one time was captured and then set free.  Now all of that wildlife trying to hold on to a little bit of their home, will be gone.

Beside losing the wildlife the residents of Tanjung Park and neighboring Fettes Plaza and Residences will have to endure a long period, of dust, dirt, mud, noise, traffic and inconvenience. Some residences of Tanjung Park will lose their view of Gurney Drive and the sea to a view of another building just a couple hundred feet away. No more open windows and no more quiet strolls around the area. For those with respiratory problems the construction period will be difficult.

I certainly will not enjoy this severe change to my every day life and I am sure my neighbors will not either. Unfortunately that is the price we have to pay for so called progress.

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