Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something to Keep You Cool

For the past few weeks, here in Penang, it has been quite hot and very humid. We haven't had much rain lately, which intensifies the heat. It is winter back in the US and Europe and the weather is much different than winter in Malaysia. My brother Pete and his wife Debbie sent me a few photos taken outside their house in Watertown, New York, my hometown. They were taken after a recent snowfall, which in Watertown can amount to a few inches a day or as much as 2 feet. I must admit that I do miss the change of seasons, especially spring and fall. I realize that here in Malaysia we do have winter, but to tell the truth I cannot see any differences at all. I do, at times, miss the snow, but I don't miss driving in it or shoveling it. It is nice to look at though.

I am writing this post at 10:00pm Malaysia time with the temperature of 90 degrees F or 32 degrees C and 70% humidity, as compared to Watertown with a temperature of 21 degrees F, or -6C and 90% humidity at 9 in the morning. I am sharing these photos to bring back some memories for my Western expat friends and to show my local friends here what winter REALLY looks like. Enjoy the photos. I hope viewing them cools you off a little

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