Monday, January 14, 2013

BP Anjung Indah - A Thai Hidden Gem in Penang

Recently my friends and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant, which I had never been to or even ever heard of. One of my friends had eaten at the restaurant a couple of weeks ago for the first time and really enjoyed it. He suggested that we should try it for dinner. So a couple of nights ago my neighbors, who also had never heard of the restaurant before, joined us for dinner. The name of the restaurant is the BP (Balik Pulau) Anjung Indah.

The ride was only about a 20 minute ride from Tanjung Tokong to the restaurant. The restaurant is on a side road atop a rather steep hill. Once at the top I was pleasantly surprised with a beautiful Thai style restaurant comprised of wood. There was a fantastic view of Penang and the sea. We arrived just before sunset, so we could enjoy the view, however, clouds prevented the viewing of a classic sunset. What really impressed me were close to a hundred large Bonsai plants lining the walkway in front of the restaurant. At the entrance to the restaurant are 2 carved wooden Asian elephants to greet the customers. Also at the entrance is a well kept red MG sports car, probably dating back to the 1960's.There are several large tables in the interior of the restaurant, as well as a number of small thatch covered tables outside of the main dining area, for more private or romantic dining.

We ordered a total of 6 dishes, which included green curry chicken, lemon grass chicken, deep fried squid, petai with prawns, miang kum,steamed lemon kampar (baby clams) and 4 servings of white rice and 1 pitcher of passion fruit juice. I found the deep fried squid to be the best I have ever had in Penang. I also found the lemon grass chicken and green curry to be excellent. All of the dishes were fantastic in the opinion of all of us. The total bill came to RM120 (about $40USD). The price was right and the portions were quite adequate. I must point out that there is no service charge tendered here. The service also was very prompt and courteous.

Thai food is by far my favorite cuisine and I have tried many Thai restaurants here, but this one is by far well above the others. I highly recommend a visit to BP Anjung Indah for a great Thai dinner with a lot of atmosphere. If you want to see a fantastic view of the sunset, plan ahead before your visit.

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