Saturday, December 22, 2012

My New Gym -Absolute Fitness Island Plaza

When Fitness First gym at Island Plaza in Tanjung Tokong closed at the end of November, I, along with the rest of the members, faced a dilemma. Do I continue with the new owners, Absolute Fitness, or do I join another facility.

Many of my friends only went to the gym for classes, such as yoga and pilates, while the remainder used the fitness equipment, either with a trainer or without a trainer. There were a lot of hard feelings with the closing of one gym and the start up of a new gym. Out of loyalty some of my friends refused to even consider continuing with the new owners and went with other gyms in the area. For many the main concern was for the availability and times of classes.

I live across the street from Island Plaza, so my main concern was the convenience of a gym close to home. Since I primarily used the machines and free weights, the classes didn't mean much to me. Another deciding factor, besides the convenience, was the cost of membership. I am paying considerably less now for a membership, which is fine with me.

I have already attended the new Absolute Fitness a few times and find little difference, from the old gym. The locker room is bigger, with better lockers. The gym has a new coat of paint and new lighting. When you are using the treadmills there is less of a choice of TV channels to watch. There is only a choice of 3 channels. CNN is gone, so to cater to the youth, MTV and a sports channel are offered instead. There are no free newspapers to read, nor are there any free drinks to consume while members chat in the lounge area. There are, however, free towels for members to use after showering.

When I have been at Absolute, there have been less than 5 people in attendance, but I am happy to see a familiar face there. Agnes, from Fitness First, is the new training manager and is currently occupied with forming a new staff of trainers. I believe there are still many former members of Fitness First who still have yet to make up their minds as to which gym to join. Hopefully after the Christmas holidays some former members will return. I have found the new front desk staff to be quite helpful and I would suggest to anyone considering joining Absolute Fitness to talk with Sathis about possible membership. As for me I am quite satisfied with my choice.


  1. Glad it seems to be working out there. I would likely have stayed but the house move necessitates a drive now and if I'm having to drive I need to get the most 'bangs for the buck' from the journey. For me now that's Jatomi (when it opens) and Gurney with the cinema, supermarket, shops and eateries close at hand.

  2. Absolute Fitness at Island is quite good because of good staff like Agnes. Try the other outlets and you will scream. Try the one at Heritage and you will scream. It takes weeks to change batteries in clocks, replacing a screw of a faucet, a steam room which unworkable since last year, a pool which is not cleaned or maintained (the pool is green). The instructors can be 20 minutes late or simply don't turn up and the front desdk doesn't care. Don't bother to complain. The manager will ask you to join somewhere else.

  3. Thanks Dee. Yes I have noticed that there is a definite change of attitude after I paid my membership for a year. They simply don't give a damn. They had no toilet paper for a week and said that the manager had to take care of that, while there were tons of it downstairs at Cold Storage. I am sure when the membership dues come up again most people will opt out.

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