Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's a Typical Day Like for an Expat in Penang?

When people retire, whether or not they retire at home or retire far from their home, their friends ask them one question. What are you going to do all day? Last year I posted a blog called "What Does a Retired Expat Do All Day?" In this post I explain what I do here in Penang, but that doesn't necessarily reflect upon what others do. I will try to point out a few more options on how to spend your time if you decide to retire in Penang.

From my blog posts you can see that I am not really a photographer, as many of my photos are taken off the cuff, by my IPhone or camera. When I post a photo it is usually just to give the reader and idea of what I am talking about. There are some expats here who love to travel around the city taking photographs of the unique colonial architecture and the everyday lives of Penang residents. My friend Mark, from Scotland, is one of these people who like to take photos of the area to share with people on his blog. Photography is his hobby and he can always be found in Georgetown taking pictures of people, buildings and places to eat. One of his other hobbies is being an unofficial tour guide for his friends who come to visit him from Scotland and other parts of the world. Check out his blog if you want to see what Penang and it's surroundings look like.

Another of my friends, is on the other end of the spectrum, as far as how he spends his day or days. Atilla (his blog name) is from Wales in the UK and has been living in Penang for about a year. Atilla is also an accomplished photographer, but he is also a bit of"party boy" who loves to have a good time.  If you want to know about the bars, pubs, nightlife and what's going on in Penang, Atilla, can help you. His blog is called "Pick of Penang" . He has some great photos of the pubs, but his specialty is taking fashion photos of gorgeous female models. You can also find useful information regarding moving to Malaysia.

I have other friends who spend a great deal of time doing volunteer work with the blind, handicapped and those less fortunate. Others are very much involved in physical fitness activities like jogging, cycling, soccer, golf and tennis. Others are involved in taking cooking classes, language classes, meditation classes or local history classes. There are many social clubs for one to join if you are into that type of activity Most people I know really get into the local culture or taking part in everything Penang has to offer.

Of course there are a few people here whose everyday life consists of going for a cup of coffee and sitting on their balcony all day drinking, every single day. It's a shame because Penang offers something for everyone. But to each his own I guess. I hope my blog and some of the ones I have mentioned can be of some help for anyone who may be considering living in Penang.

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