Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Update on Island Plaza Fitness First Closing

A few days ago I posted on this site that Fitness First at Island Plaza was closing on November 30. I, along with many of the other members, was upset and concerned about where we would go for our exercise. Yesterday I learned from a person in management at FF that the gym would be taken over by Absolute Fitness. This news come as a big relief, especially for some of us older gym members.

From what I understand when Absolute Fitness takes over there will be a change in both the business end and also the fitness end. There also will be no more Les Mills classes, which to me is not a great loss. One big change is that the membership will be significantly lower. I am not sure if most of the present sales, front desk and training staff will be retained.  It is my understanding that sometime in October the Absolute Fitness staff will meet with members to answer any questions they may have.

I wish the old Fitness First staff luck in their future endeavors and I also wish the new Absolute Fitness staff luck in a smooth and successful transition.

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