Friday, March 16, 2012

Want To Retire in Malaysia? I Can Help.

A couple of days ago I received an email from an expat site I had never heard of before, offering me assistance in doing my US income taxes and getting affordable health insurance abroad. Usually I automatically delete these annoying emails, but I was a bit curious to see what they were offering.

First of all the income tax service they were promoting to US expats was offered by one of their "affiliates". I checked this out and found that if I availed myself of their services I would be paying them more for their services than what I would be paying in taxes. Not such a great deal since I file my taxes for free. In regards to the health insurance, this was also offered by another of their "affiliates" and once again was not a great deal. The costs were quite exorbitant and offered much more coverage than what is needed here.

I looked over the rest of the information on the site and saw that just about every area of the world was covered, in regards to information for expats. I did manage to find Malaysia, but it basically dealt with Kuala Lumpur and no other areas of Malaysia. When I clicked on the link to Malaysian expats  I was lead to an area where I could learn all about retiring in Malaysia, as long as I bought a book or a video to learn how.  Then there was one area where I could actually read about expats experiences in living in Malaysia. I clicked on it but was informed that I had to join the site and pay quite a bit of money to read these stories. Amazing.

When I moved to Penang I didn't have to pay for any information and I don't think anyone else should have to pay either. Instead of wasting my money by giving it to some unscrupulous so called experts on living abroad, I simply asked for information from real people who actually retired in Malaysia. If any of my readers are thinking of retiring in Malaysia please contact me. I have made a whopping $13 by offering Adsense advertising on this site, so I don't use it as a profit making site. I will give you the information or lead you to where you can get it. All for free.
 I recently wrote a guest post for a site that I find quite useful and and may be of interest to people thinking about traveling or retiring in Malaysia. As rated by Tnoos, CheaOair is one of the top five most popular online travel brands in the US, It offers discount airfare deals, hotel packages and car rental services all over the world.

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