Friday, March 9, 2012

The Rain in Penang Continues to Hang On.

A few weeks ago I, along with many of my friends was complaining about how hot the weather in Penang has been. Every day I would look for rain to come and cool things down a bit. Last week the rains came, and they came and they came. It seemed as one day there wasn't a drop of moisture anywhere and the next day there was a deluge.

One day last week the storm began with a beautiful afternoon thunderstorm accompanied by a short downpour. Shortly after the sun came out  the scorching heat returned. For a few days the storms appeared in the early or mid-afternoon, but did nothing to cool the temperature down. It seemed as though the storms occurred a little later every day, in the late afternoons and early evenings.But once again the heat returned before sunset. After the rain ceased, the area became like a sauna. The evenings were oppressive, with high humidity and absolutely no movement of air.

On my birthday last week my friend, Kevin,  took me to Italiannies at Gurney Paragon for a birthday dinner. As we left there was a slight mist in the air, but nothing threatening. We decided to stop at TGI Friday's for just one drink before returning home. As we were having our drinks, a strong wind began whipping through the plaza. Then a heavy drenching rain drove the patrons eating outside, into the cover of the the restaurants. As were were at the bar we could see cardboard and paper advertising banners flying by like confetti. Then tables and chairs were lifted into the air, as if they were made of paper. The staff of the nearby restaurants were trying to tie down anything that could be tied down, to save them from crashing through windows or injuring patrons and passersby. Fortunately we were trapped in a very convenient place to wait out the storm! After a couple of free drinks, the rain and wind had let up enough for us to go home. When we got home the storm was all over and the skies began to clear. That evening it was cool, but the coolness only lasted until the sun rose again the next day.

The next few days saw a storm, much calmer than the one we witnessed, come around sunset cooling off the atmosphere, The evenings were cool and pleasant and made sleep very easy. Yesterday it rained all day and the air was pleasantly cool. Last night was great. Today was a little cooler with a slight breeze, but the sun, as always was burning hot. As I am writing this post the  thick black clouds are forming and the wind is picking up, in preparation for this evening's storm. To some people the daily rain and storms may be a harassment, but to me it is just another great part of living in Penang.

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