Monday, January 9, 2012

Penang Theme Park Addendum

I have received a few comments on my previous post about the theme park to be built in Penang. I must apologize for my lack of sensitivity in this article. I admit that I was extremely concerned about the impact on the environment and the local infrastructure, while ignoring the benefits to the local economy. I agree that this project will bring much needed jobs to Penang and will offer these benefits even after the project is completed. And yes I was commenting on expensive condos being developed. I should have pointed out that these condos are being built for foreigners like myself, even though I can't afford most of them. What I should have said was that these may be fine, but what should be built is affordable housing for local people. I also commented on the building of shopping malls, which many locals cannot afford to shop in. Personally I enjoy shopping at local shoplots , where I can find cheaper prices and a wider range of products. Even though I am an expat, I really do feel that what should be done in Penang, should be done for the benefit of the locals and not for expats. These are only MY opinions and not everyone will agree, and I do welcome other opinions and viewpoints.

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  1. No need to apologize - these are after all YOUR opinions on YOUR blog - but do be careful as the saying goes - you're not in Kansas anymore toto. By this I mean people there have very thin skin and don't take criticism very well. Specially if it comes from a white foreigner. They lose "face". Which having lived there for a few years I'm sure you've heard about.

    As to the "Dr Chua" umm I wonder what the motivation was for the long ranting on expats and that locals can't afford this or that but expats can.Hey I've always been of the opinion if you don't want me somewhere I'll be happy to go and spend my foreign currency somewhere else.

    After all the Malaysian government is the one spending millions of RM to entice foreigners to visit and even move to Malaysia - MM2H.You see it's like lots of other places - we want your money but keep your opinions and comments to yourself. True Democracy where people can express their ideas and opinions is after all a relatively new concept in that part of the world.

    I do wish you the best -