Monday, December 12, 2011

Take Some Time to Think of Others

The most festive times of the year are now upon us. Christmas and New Years will soon be here and then Chinese New Year will follow. We have just celebrated Hari Raya and Deepavali here in Malaysia. At times  of celebrations, such as these, we tend to think of ourselves and family, but forget many others. During Christmas time people are busy buying gifts, preparing food and partying. We have a tendency to turn our Christmas celebrations into self or family centered festivities. At this time I would like to ask people all over the world to take some time and think of others, who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are blessed with many things, but we often forget that there are millions of people who have nothing, not even their health. I would ask people to think and do at least one thing for someone who does not share our blessings.

Here in Penang a group of photographers are giving a photographic exhibit called "Penang, The Heritage Haven" at the E & O Hotel from December 17 to December 26, with the Grand Opening and Guest Speakers on Saturday and Sunday, December 17 and 18.  A friend and fellow blogger of Kevin Chan is a member of this group and asked me to help people know about this worthy event. There are more than 100 photographs by 15 talented local artists. I know these artists have labored many hard and long hours to present their works at this exhibition. As the title suggests, all of the photographs are of of Penang and show why it is a World Heritage Site. At the exhibition you will have the opportunity to purchase some of these works of art to benefit the National Autism Society of Malaysia.

Please take some time to visit the exhibit at the E & O Hotel to support the National Autism Society of Malaysia and to also support our very own talented photographers. This is a good chance to buy some Penang heritage photos as gifts. Please read the poster below.


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