Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Precinct 10 Close to Opening

There is a new mall opening soon in Tanjung Tokong, right next to Island Plaza, which is undergoing renovation. The new mall is called" Precinct 10" and will consist of dining and drinking establishments. Since I live right across from this new mall I have been able to watch the construction from the start. I now can see the multi-colored sign "Precinct 10" which is illuminated every evening. I can see that the "Old Town White Coffee" restaurant is almost ready to open. I think everyone in Malaysia is familiar with this restaurant. There is another place which has its sign lit up at nights and is called "Snow House Desserts". I have Googled the name but could not find anything about this restaurant. There is a sign advertising for help for a restaurant called "Chez Weng Modern Grill". Once again I Googled the name and found only want ads for the restaurant. The other eatery which will be opening is "Burger King" and I am sure everyone knows what this is.

Since Starbucks and Coffee Bean are no longer at Island Plaza I am sure Old Town White Coffee will do well in its new location. I am happy to see that Burger King and Old Time White Coffee will be opening, as other than food courts and coffee shops, there are very few cheap good places to eat. I really don't like KFC and find I have acid reflux every time I eat it. I know Burger King is not that healthy, but I can at least eat it without suffering.

I hope there are other decent restaurants and bars that will be coming into Precinct 10. I even heard a rumor that the well known pub, Soho, will be opening soon.  I wish Precinct 10 the best of luck as a new and welcome edition to Tanjung Tokong.

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