Monday, December 5, 2011


On July 25 of this year I published a post on how a manhole cover was stolen from the sidewalk, near my home. I pointed out the dangers to others as well as myself in having this large gaping hole in the middle of a sidewalk used by numerous pedestrians, of which many were elderly. At that time I had entirely expected the problem to be resolved in due time. Well 4 days later, on July 29 I posted an update explaining that the Star Newspaper had visited the site and published a story as well as a photograph. In the Star's article the MPPP has stated they would take care of the situation. On October 2 I made another post explaining that not only has the manhole cover not been replaced, but another cover only a few yards away had been stolen. On November 2 I posted another update on the situation in which I stated that absolutely nothing had been done.

Well here is its today, December 5, 2011 and finally I saw something being done. As I was walking back home from the gym I saw workers had installed a new drain hole cover and were working on installing the other. The one finished cover was freshly painted a bright orange, no doubt to make it easier for thieves to locate and steal it. I must thank the MPPP for their quick action in only taking approximately 6 months to rectify a situation that was a serious danger to the welfare of the public.

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