Friday, December 30, 2011

A Very Happy New Year to the World

Today is Friday, December 30 and the weather here in Penang is hot and very humid. It just rained heavily, but it did not cool things down much. As I am planning for New Year's Eve, I think of past New Year's Eves in Boston, attending First Night celebrations. I remember one year when the temperature was way below zero and it was a chore to stay warm, but with all of the revelry you didn't really care. Penang's New Year's Eve weather is a far cry from that of Boston. I imagine it will be in the upper 80's and humid here (upper 20's in centigrade). But the celebration is the same. Good food, good drinks and good friends. This year we will be celebrating the New Year with a Mexican theme, including tacos, chili and probably some tequila too.

So I would like to wish all of my family, all of my friends, all of my readers and the entire world a very Peaceful and Happy New Year. Please drive safely and see you at the gym after the holiday.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from Malaysia

It is already Christmas Eve here in Penang, Malaysia. The weather is warm and there is no snow, but it is still Christmas and most everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Tonight and tomorrow people will be celebrating Christmas in their own special way. Here in Malaysia, we have people from Europe, North America, South America an Australia, all bringing their own Christmas traditions to share with our Malaysian friends. I will be cooking a traditional American Christmas dinner to share with my British and Chinese friends. I am sure there will be all kinds of celebrations all over Malaysia. Christmas is a Christian holiday, but it is a holiday that can be celebrated by anyone, because the true meaning of Christmas is something that we share from the heart. And that is a wish of peace, love, health and understanding to all mankind. I have also shared my views of Christmas greetings in my blog, Steveso Thinks, for all those who care to read it.

So now I would like to wish my family, all of my friends and all of my followers around the world a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Christmas Tree and Decorations at Straits Quay, Penang, Malaysia.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Take Some Time to Think of Others

The most festive times of the year are now upon us. Christmas and New Years will soon be here and then Chinese New Year will follow. We have just celebrated Hari Raya and Deepavali here in Malaysia. At times  of celebrations, such as these, we tend to think of ourselves and family, but forget many others. During Christmas time people are busy buying gifts, preparing food and partying. We have a tendency to turn our Christmas celebrations into self or family centered festivities. At this time I would like to ask people all over the world to take some time and think of others, who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are blessed with many things, but we often forget that there are millions of people who have nothing, not even their health. I would ask people to think and do at least one thing for someone who does not share our blessings.

Here in Penang a group of photographers are giving a photographic exhibit called "Penang, The Heritage Haven" at the E & O Hotel from December 17 to December 26, with the Grand Opening and Guest Speakers on Saturday and Sunday, December 17 and 18.  A friend and fellow blogger of Kevin Chan is a member of this group and asked me to help people know about this worthy event. There are more than 100 photographs by 15 talented local artists. I know these artists have labored many hard and long hours to present their works at this exhibition. As the title suggests, all of the photographs are of of Penang and show why it is a World Heritage Site. At the exhibition you will have the opportunity to purchase some of these works of art to benefit the National Autism Society of Malaysia.

Please take some time to visit the exhibit at the E & O Hotel to support the National Autism Society of Malaysia and to also support our very own talented photographers. This is a good chance to buy some Penang heritage photos as gifts. Please read the poster below.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Precinct 10 Close to Opening

There is a new mall opening soon in Tanjung Tokong, right next to Island Plaza, which is undergoing renovation. The new mall is called" Precinct 10" and will consist of dining and drinking establishments. Since I live right across from this new mall I have been able to watch the construction from the start. I now can see the multi-colored sign "Precinct 10" which is illuminated every evening. I can see that the "Old Town White Coffee" restaurant is almost ready to open. I think everyone in Malaysia is familiar with this restaurant. There is another place which has its sign lit up at nights and is called "Snow House Desserts". I have Googled the name but could not find anything about this restaurant. There is a sign advertising for help for a restaurant called "Chez Weng Modern Grill". Once again I Googled the name and found only want ads for the restaurant. The other eatery which will be opening is "Burger King" and I am sure everyone knows what this is.

Since Starbucks and Coffee Bean are no longer at Island Plaza I am sure Old Town White Coffee will do well in its new location. I am happy to see that Burger King and Old Time White Coffee will be opening, as other than food courts and coffee shops, there are very few cheap good places to eat. I really don't like KFC and find I have acid reflux every time I eat it. I know Burger King is not that healthy, but I can at least eat it without suffering.

I hope there are other decent restaurants and bars that will be coming into Precinct 10. I even heard a rumor that the well known pub, Soho, will be opening soon.  I wish Precinct 10 the best of luck as a new and welcome edition to Tanjung Tokong.

Monday, December 5, 2011


On July 25 of this year I published a post on how a manhole cover was stolen from the sidewalk, near my home. I pointed out the dangers to others as well as myself in having this large gaping hole in the middle of a sidewalk used by numerous pedestrians, of which many were elderly. At that time I had entirely expected the problem to be resolved in due time. Well 4 days later, on July 29 I posted an update explaining that the Star Newspaper had visited the site and published a story as well as a photograph. In the Star's article the MPPP has stated they would take care of the situation. On October 2 I made another post explaining that not only has the manhole cover not been replaced, but another cover only a few yards away had been stolen. On November 2 I posted another update on the situation in which I stated that absolutely nothing had been done.

Well here is its today, December 5, 2011 and finally I saw something being done. As I was walking back home from the gym I saw workers had installed a new drain hole cover and were working on installing the other. The one finished cover was freshly painted a bright orange, no doubt to make it easier for thieves to locate and steal it. I must thank the MPPP for their quick action in only taking approximately 6 months to rectify a situation that was a serious danger to the welfare of the public.