Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yet Another Update on the Missing Manhole Covers.

On October 2, I posted an update on the situation where 2 manhole covers had been missing since July 25th of this year. Between July 25th and October 2nd, The Star Newspaper carried an article on the dangerous gaping holes in the sidewalk in  the Tanjung Tokong area of Penang. The newspaper contacted MPPP in regards to this situation and was told that the matter would be remedied soon. Well today is November 2nd and here is what has been done by MPPP. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I am really surprised that there is such a lack of concern over public safety. It appears that there is not only a lack of concern for the well being of the residents, but also a complete denial of responsibility for maintaining public walkways. It must just boil down to incompetence.

Apparently the grids or covers were stolen for scrap metal value. There should have been replacements in place by now, if someone had taken the initiative. There was even a comment placed on the previous update post from a company that produces covers. They suggested that if any contractors were seen working on them, their website could be given to them. A wonderful idea, except for the fact that obviously no one cares enough about these dangerous conditions to even visit the area.  I am including some photos that I took today, to show how disgusting the area looks.

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