Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Annoying Astro

During the past couple of weeks or so it has been quite hot and humid here in Penang and perhaps I am a bit more irritable than usual. When I have settled down to watch a movie or one of my favorite programs I am subjected to inane ads for special movies on Astro First. A couple of weeks ago the ad was about a movie where the main character kept repeating the word "money". Now, and since last week the prevailing ad is for some childish appearing movie about some alien or other kind of creature. It is actually a small child painted green and made up to look like an alien. Very bad makeup to say the least.

These ads become extremely annoying when they are repeated every few minutes on every channel. What really gets me is that one of the movies was an Indian language movie and the other a Malay movie. The movies were to be broadcast on a non English language channel, but they were both advertised on all English language channels. I am sure that the non English speaking residents here are also subjected to English language ads plastered all over the non English language channels they watch.

This does not seem like smart marketing on behalf of Astro, since the advertising is wasted.  One would think Astro would make more money by advertising products like automobiles, Coke and other brand name products. At least this way there would be a variety of annoying ads instead of one annoying ad for one program being repeated ad nauseam on every channel.

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