Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Update on the Missing Manhole Covers

On July 25th I published a post on a missing manhole cover near my condo. Shortly after that post The Star Newspaper ran an article about this situation, along with photos and a statement from the MPPP that the situation would be soon taken care of. A short time after this another cover was stolen only a few yards away, on the same side of the street.

On August 26 I went to the US for a 3 week vacation. I returned to Penang on September 18 and was not surprised to see that the covers are still missing and the caution barriers are down inside the drains. Today is October 2 and still nothing is being done. This is nothing but incompetence and total disregard for the public safety of the residents in this area,

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  1. Fibrelite is a UK/US manufacturer of composite manhole covers. We set up a plant in Malaysia last year and are now lobbying local utilities to install composite rather than metal covers, as composite has zero re-sale scrap value. We are hearing a similar story from the utilities about metal covers being stolen, creating a public safety risk. If you see any contractors surveying the area, perhaps you can mention us.