Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding Resources for Potential Expats

When I had made up my mind to retire and move to Malaysia I spent a lot of time surfing the Internet for useful sites, especially those regarding moving to Malaysia. I am sure that everyone considering retiring or moving abroad goes through the same thing. When anyone searches terms such as retire abroad, retire in Malaysia, overseas living or expats they will get basically the same popular websites, which I will not name. I have talked to other expats here regarding these sites and we all had the same conclusion that they were absolutely useless.

If you go to any one of these sites you will find little useful information. The so called "expat experts" offer basic general knowledge that you can can find in Wikipedia. Most, if not all of these experts are offering their books for sale, so you can have more information. There are very few personal experiences offered by actual expats living in their adopted countries and they offer no useful information regarding how they actually moved. The main purposes of these widely known sites seems to be to sell expensive real estate or life and medical insurance. A lot of the information is in regards to working in a certain country or looking for foreign employment. Once again they are offering information that you will have to buy. There is very little for retirees to utilize. For the more comfortable or wealthy there is useful information, but for the average retiree or expat there is nothing.

As I have stated before, when I moved here I found information of the Malaysia My Second Home program on he government website,  Once I got the information from this site, Kevin contacted an MM2H agent for me and I applied for the visa. On this site I was able to ask questions of people who actually had the MM2H visa and lived in Malaysia. Unfortunately before I moved to Malaysia I could not get any information about what Americans would need, in regards to banking and US income taxes, and being retired abroad. Because of this I decided to start this blog to explain what it is like for a retired American to live in Malaysia and to tell others about what I had to do to move here.

Since I have moved here I have discovered other websites which would be of help to anyone considering to move here. My friend Attilla, a British expat who recently moved here to Penang, has an excellent site that offers a great deal of  "how to" information, as well as information on local food and entertainment. His site is Pick of Penang.  For information on where and what to eat in Penang, I recommend All About Penang Food.

If anyone reading this post is seriously considering retiring and moving to Malaysia or moving here to work, to study or just to visit, please don't waste your time looking for information. Visit the sites I have mentioned above and also the sites under "Other valuable sites" on this blog's sidebar. If you still have questions feel free to message me or the owners of the above mentioned sites.

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