Friday, July 8, 2011

Old City Food Court

    Today while I was once again having my lunch at my neighborhood Penang food court, "Old City Food Court" in Tanjung Prima, I was chatting with some of the stall owners. They were lamenting the lack of customers lately. The owners attributed this to the fact that the food court is really hidden from public view. Most of the popular food courts in the area are along the roadside or are at least visible from the road. Old City is actually hidden between two rows of shops at Prima Tanjung, at Fettes Park. It is not visible from the main road or side streets. There is only one sign, which the owner refuses to light.

    Many of the stall close early, around 7 PM, because there is no business. The owners say that many times they sit for hours in the early evening with no customers. They are more than willing to stay open later, but with no business it is a waste of their time and money.  During the lunch time  business is fairly brisk, as people from many of the small businesses in the area eat their lunch here. But once these workers go home business dies down. Hopefully with new condos and shop lots opening in the area, more visitors to Old City will be welcomed.

    I have mentioned the Porridge Stall and the Thai food stalls before, as I frequent them quite often. A new stall that has opened in the past few months is The ABC Curry Fish Head. I have eaten the Sting Ray Curry Claypot and it is very delicious. It is served in a claypot with a spicy curry, tomatoes and okra and a generous portion of steamed rice. I like my food very spicy, so Kenny, the owner obliges me with a super spicy portion. For most Westerners he tones it down a bit. He also cooks a very good squid curry, with fresh squid. I told Kenny that I would plug his business here in hopes of increasing his business. In the future I will try to mention some of the other stall, to hopefully increase their business also.

Claypot Curry Fish
    With the increasing number of expats living in the area I hope some will visit this unique little food court. If they get enough business, they will be able to stay open later, which would be a benefit to the owners as well as the residents of the area.

Kenny, the owner of ABC Curry Fish Head

ABC Curry Fish head

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