Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hazy Penang

    What is happening with Penang weather lately? It seems like for the past 2 weeks every day has suffered with the 3 "h"s, hot humid and hazy.  Every morning when I awake I can see a heavy blanket of haze covering Gurney Drive and the sea. This morning I could hardly see Butterworth, across the water. Usually the haze is burned off under the hot morning and afternoon sun, but lately it has remained for the entire day.
    Besides obscuring the wondeful views the haze is causing problems for people with respiratory problems. I have sinus problems and every night my sinuses have been clogged up. I have had this problem for years and have learned to live with it, but lately it has become very annoying. I know people who have never had sinus problems and they too now suffer from the maladies of the sinuses. Another thing I blame on the haze is the constant fatigue. I go to the gym every day and everyone I talk to there say that after they leave the gym they feel drained. Many people are just plain exhausted doing everyday chores.
    God only knows what that haze consists of. With the hundreds of thousands of motorcycles on the island and the thousands of autos, all without any anti pollution devices, I can only imagine the pollutants we all are breathing in. Some people have said also that smoke from burning forest fires in Indonesia have come this way. I am not sure if that is true. The few times it has rained in the past couple of weeks did not help to wash away the haze or the humidity, but made matters even worse.Walking around after a heavy rain here is like walking in a sauna.

    I can only hope that soon a few days of drenching rain will come over Penang and wash out the filthy, hazy air and perhaps even cool things down a bit. I am not going to hold my breath waiting though.

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