Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ding Charcoal BBQ and Steamboat

    My last post was about Straits Quay and some of the restaurants I have eaten at there. Since I have made that post I have eaten at two more restaurants. One, which was Chinese, does not deserve a mention, as myself and my party were very disappointed. I must point out that I was the only Westerner in the group. The others were Kevin and Linda and Cheah, all local Chinese, who I think know their Chinese food.

    The other restaurant, which Kevin and I dined at was The Ding Charcoal BBQ and Steamboat restaurant. One thing that sets this place apart from the other steamboat restaurants is that the food travels on a belt within the diners reach. The food, which included chicken, pork, beef and mutton along with other steamboat delights, was contained in individual plastic containers. There was a choice of chicken soup and Tom Yam soup, which naturally we chose. There was a choice of orange drink or lychee drink, which was unlimited and there was ice cream, in many flavors, for dessert.

    I have eaten at other steamboat buffets and restaurants in the area and have found the food to be rather heavy and greasy and not always fresh. At times it has taken forever to digest. At the Ding BBQ I found the food to be tasty, light and very fresh. Kevin and his father make an excellent steamboat and I think the Ding comes in a close second. Now for the best part of this restaurant; the price. You don't get charged for what you eat, but you are charged a flat price. Senior citizens get a hefty discount, so all of you retired expats can eat all you can here for only RM25.20! For those not of retirement age the cost is RM42.80. Still a good deal. I would suggest you give it a try if you are really hungry.

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