Friday, June 10, 2011

My New Life in Penang Continues

    On July 4th of this years I will celebrate the third anniversary of my move to Penang, Malaysia. About 2 months ago I began writing a blog about how I decided to retire and move to Malaysia. I had never written a blog before and I knew nothing about what it involved.  I originally started writing the blog on another site, but recently I decided to start this blog on the blogger platform to avail myself of the many bells and whistles it offers.

    This blog will be about my life, as a retired American here in Penang. This is not really a travel blog, but a blog about retiring away from home. If anyone wants to know how I got to this point you can visit the other blog at
I will continue to describe my life here in Malaysia as well as giving my views on daily life here. I hope all of those who read my other blog will continue to enjoy this blog. I also hope I can interest others, especially those who are contemplating retiring abroad, in reading and following my new blog. I have another blog in which I express my views and opinions of what is going on in my home country, the US. That blog can be found at

    Thank you very much for your support.

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