Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Just wasn't My Day

    As you may have read yesterday we had a plumbing problem which flooded the kitchen. Because of this the water to our unit had to be shut off. Our neighbors, Linda and Cheah graciously allowed Kevin and myself to use their relative's unit upstairs to shower etc.  I was supposed to meet the plumber this morning so he could assess my leak. As today was the day the cleaning lady came, I wanted to take a shower early so I was prepared to meet the plumber. A little before 9 AM I went up to take a shower and locked the front gate and front door behind me. I finished my shower, got dressed and was ready to leave. I tried to unlock the front gate and I tried and tried. It wouldn't open. I called Linda, I called her about 15 times, but no answer. The next door neighbor heard my rather loud expressions of anger and came to help. He couldn't get it open either. Finally I called the management office and they couldn't open it. Fortunately the locksmith was in the building and managed to break the lock and give me my freedom back.

    A little after being held captive for over an hour I returned home soaking wet with sweat. I saw that Linda was home and I told her I had been calling her for quite some time. She embarrassingly told me she went out and forgot her phone. I told her what happened and we had a good laugh at my imprisonment. I was disappointed that I had missed the plumber, but this feeling didn't last long. Luckily the plumber was late and he was able to pinpoint my leak. We agreed upon a price and it was a lot less than I had expected to pay. Work begins tomorrow, but it will take 2 days to finish. Hopefully during this time I will be able to take a shower without locking myself in for half the day.

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