Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Plumbing Problem

    In previous posts one of my other sites other sites I described a problem with a leak, which caused my master bedroom to flood. After more than a week the source of the leak was found and the owner of the unit, where the leak was originating, finally fixed it. In the month since this situation there have been 7 new leaks. I really empathize with the people who have to go through the same agony I did.

    After finally cooling down from my anger over the developer's cheap construction techniques and his use of substandard plumbing material I once again began to enjoy condo living here in Penang. That was until early this afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and found water oozing up from the kitchen tiles, in 3 locations. Water was also seeping up through the tiles in a small adjacent bedroom. Needless to say I hit the ceiling. I called the building manager and he couldn't believe that water was gushing form the floor. Kevin was home and immediately turned our water supply off, which seemed to stop the flow of water. The building manager said the plumbing contractor would be here tomorrow as he has to deal with another leak on our floor and a leak on a lower floor which was just discovered this morning.

    In another previous post on my other site I mentioned that an owner in a unit of a floor beneath mine has been doing renovation and had knocked out the load bearing walls. I cannot help but think that the leaks began to occur at a higher frequency since the renovation began. The constant drilling and shaking has to have some effect of the cheap plumbing here. I know I will have to shell out more money to fix this problem and wait until the next one appears. It angers me when I see the new condo developments rising in Batu Ferringhi and elsewhere, which are being built by our condo's developer. They continue to make money, with shoddy construction and cheap, substandard materials. I really feel sorry for those people who are buying up these properties. They don't know what they are getting into. For anyone considering buying a condo in Penang, please check out the developer and talk with people who live in their properties. As always, buyer beware.


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